Genre: indie rock / alternative

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Label: Self-released

Sounds like: Killers, Joy Division




Evening’s Empire is a San Diego based rock band comprised of Sam Strohbehn, Shannon Woods, and David Skolnik. The band’s creation was driven by Sam’s vision of his ideal rock band: heavy with both guitars and synths, classic songwriter lyrics, and somehow remaining both modern and nostalgic. Sam, a lawyer and dad by day, had finally found two like-minded musicians and songwriters. David, an engineering project manager and general mad scientist, joined on keyboards before floating to bass and keys for the recording process, finally settled on keys and rhythm guitar for the live show. Shannon, a formerly touring musician, part time poker shark, and general jack of all trades, started on bass before taking her well-deserved throne as lead guitarist. The band plays live as a 5-piece with the help of two live members: Harley Duggan on bass and Charles Wiley on drums.

After more than a year of various member lineups under several different band names, making bedroom demos, and playing the odd club gig or company party, the trio ambitiously decided to buckle down and record a massive rock album. Working with producer Alex Newport (At the Drive-In’s In/Casino/Out and Vaya, Bloc Party’s FOUR) in Los Angeles, the band self-funded their entire debut 11-song EP, “Alive for Us”. The album is cowritten by the three musicians, and features songs that cross genres, from hard rock, to indie pop, even verging on country with some lead slide guitar. Lyric themes draw heavily on relationships and introspection, loss of youthfulness, all while remaining hopeful.

While COVID-19 putting a damper on album release and gigging plans in early 2020, the band formally released the debut album Alive for Us on September 29, 2021, available on all streaming platforms. The single “Tonight”, was licensed for use in the feature film “Eat Wheaties!” which stars Tony Hale and is available on-demand.




Palapalooza Performance

“In The Open” – Quarantine Sessions


San Diego’s Troubadour: “Alive for Us is as strong a debut as you could hope for, with rocking, hook filled-tunes matched to excellent production…you could pick any track off this album and it would slot well against most of what’s currently on the airwaves…”.


“Tonight” licensed for feature film “Eat Wheaties!” starring Tony Hale and Elisha Cuthbert.


91X’S December Local Break for “In the Open”


Featured Artist on San Diego compilation album “Staring at the Sun XIII”